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Eastbourne College Programme (14-17)

Eastbourne College Programme (14-17)

Eastbourne College Programme (14-17)

Located in an elegant building, the school has a large green space and a relaxing terrace. The college is just 10 minutes from the town centre where you'll be able to enjoy a large choice of restaurants, shops, sports complexes and attractions. The school is accredited by the British Council. The centre is adapted to students of all ages from 14 years upwards and offers them an enriching and international study environment. Facilities include multimedia equipment with free internet access, a DVD library and a language lab. A well-equipped learning library provides students with a quiet corner for studying peacefully, and the canteen looks out onto the terrace and gardens.

School Highlights

Eastbourne College Programme (14-17)
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Key points

  • Attractive on-campus green spaces for students to enjoy sunny days in between classes

  • A learning centre that's fully adapted to all age groups from 14 years old up, with facilities including a language lab, library, and multimedia equipment

  • A rich and varied activities program that includes salsa classes, karaoke, laser tag and more!

School facts

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Student nationalities

      Saudi Arabia


ESL schools guarantee the same excellent standards for accommodation as they do for teaching. We take great pleasure in helping you find the most suitable accommodation for you.

Host family

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As accommodation is part of your learning experience, the school carefully selects the native English-speaking host families. Whenever possible, two students of the same native language will not be placed with the same family. Half-board accommodation is provided, with breakfast and the evening meal included. Many lifelong friendships are made through the unique experience of living so authentically in local culture. Single rooms are not available during high season. Students under 18 will therefore share a twin room with another student their same age and of a different mother tongue.

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