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Professional Culinary diplomas

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery (52 weeks)

This qualification is designed to teach you the skills to work in a commercial kitchen of a culinary-related business – including restaurants, hotels, catering companies, pubs, and more. The course will be given across 20 compulsory units and five elective units. Some examples of this are:

  • Using food preparation equipment
  • Preparing vegetable/poultry/meat/seafood dishes
  • Planning recipes
  • Working effectively as a cook
  • Producing desserts
  • Hygiene practises
  • Receiving, storing and maintaining stock

Certificate IV in Kitchen Management (52 weeks)

This course will only be available upon completion of Certificate III in Commercial Cookery. Lessons will build upon what you learned in the previous certificate with a particular focus on the logistics and specifics of managing a kitchen. The curriculum is delivered across 27 compulsory units and six elective units, including:

  • Conflict Management
  • Leading and Managing people
  • Creating a staff roster
  • Plan cooking operations
  • Managing finances within a budget
  • Developing and implementing a food safety programme

Diploma of Hospitality Management (52 weeks)

This course will only be available upon completion of Certificate IV in Kitchen Management. After learning how to correctly manage a kitchen, you’ll now learn to apply your knowledge to other sections of the hospitality sector. In this programme, you’ll learn a wide range of managerial skills and will eventually be able to choose to further specialise in either Food and Beverage or Patisserie. Modules include:

  • Enhancing customer service experiences
  • Working effectively in hospitality service
  • Monitoring work operations
  • Leading and managing people
  • Identifying and managing legal risks to comply with law
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