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KDS Exam Preparation courses

Equivalent to the ZOP in level, the KDS is more in-depth in its literary demands. The course is based around German literature. The KDS recognises a high level of German literary knowledge, including comprehension and analysis of texts. The KDS also replaces German exams for entry into universities in Germany, and is a qualification for teaching German as a foreign language.

The KDS corresponds to the C2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Level required?

The KDS requires a very advanced level of German.

The KDS is for students with a very good mastery of the German language or for academics requiring extra support for their studies in the German language and literature.


What does the KDS (Kleines Deutsches Sprachdiplom) involve?

1. Written comprehension and expression: Analysis of literary texts or of texts based on the German civilisation. Preparation of literary subjects, discussion and group debate.

2. Speaking: Oral presentation (it is essential to be able to express yourself easily and fluently for this test).

3. Grammar skills: Candidates must demonstrate an advanced knowledge of German grammar and vocabulary.



The KDS is widely recognised all over the world. It is recognised by employers in the private and public sectors as proof of an excellent knowledge of the German language. This diploma replaces the admission exam for students wishing to enrol in establishments for higher education in Germany.


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