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Prepare for the CILS, Certificate of Italian as a foreign language exam.

CILS Italian exam preparation courses

Who is the CILS (Certificate of Italian as a foreign language) for?

The CILS may be useful to those who are studying Italian, to people who work and/or study in contact with Italian, or for those who simply wish to evaluate their Italian language skills. Each CILS level certifies a capacity for communication that can be applied in different situations and contexts. The application of each level of certification, for foreigners wishing to undertake work or study relating to Italian institutions, is outlined in the document of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs: “Coordinated System of Italian Language Certificates for Foreigners” – Rome, 1988.

What does the CILS involve?

CILS Levels

The CILS is divided in to six different levels, corresponding exactly to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages scale:

Level A1, Level A2, Level ONE-B1, Level TWO-B2, Level THREE-C1 and Level FOUR-C2.

It certifies your Italian language skills and communication capacity on a progressive scale. Each level is independent and complete, and its certificate recognises a specific language level relating to diverse social, professional and educational contexts.

To obtain one of the six certificates, you must pass an exam made up of five parts: a listening test, a reading comprehension test, an analysis of communication structures, a written exercise and a speaking test.



All parts of the exam are produced and evaluated by the Centre of Certification of the University for Foreigners Siena, based on European parameters set out by the European Council. The CILS exams are issued by the University for Foreigners Siena and have an excellent international reputation.


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