About Portuguese study trips at The programme in the teacher's home with ESL

Luis Redersdorff
Luis Redersdorff
ESL in the teacher's home, Portugal
Duration: 2 weeks

I had a really great time in the family I was staying with and I had very good contacts with them. Parede is a place I didn’t really know, located 40 km away from Lisbon, close to Cascais and Estoril. I knew Cascais and Estoril because I had been there 3 years ago. I was happy to enjoy all the Portuguese traditions and food again. I also learnt the language better and more extensively, because private tuition made it easier for me. I really recommend studying in the teacher’s home (private courses) to people who wish to learn a foreign language. Personally, I think it is the best option to learn as you can really practise the language all the time.

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