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Language PLUS Travel: Language courses abroad

Would you like to learn a language while visiting multiple destinations around the world? A course combined with travel and discoveries is ideal for students who love to see the world and want to combine visiting more than one place with their language programme.
ESL - Language PLUS Travel
You'll learn the language while travelling, stopping in different places every day, often in breathtaking regions. Day after day, stop after stop, you'll perfect your language knowledge and explore new facets of the country you're visiting. You'll participate in a variety of exciting activities organised in each town on the itinerary, all in full immersion. The social programme includes sports, cultural activities, meeting locals, visiting national parks and much more, including a mix of classic and off-the-beaten-track activities.

This is a unique opportunity to practise the language on a daily basis and share incredible moments with the rest of the group in stunning surroundings. The trip is sure to strengthen the bonds between you, your teacher and your fellow students and travellers. Stimulating, thrilling and fun – experience the excitement of learning on the road!
ESL - Language PLUS Travel
The journey is organised using mini-buses (or public transportation), and additional activities are supervised by local guides who know the region intimately and will provide you with insider information about every place you visit - a bonus which will help make your trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

If travel broadens the mind, studying a foreign language in a travelling classroom will undoubtedly be a valuable experience in your path as a student. Give in to the pleasure of travelling and discovering new places!

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