English PLUS Cooking in England: Language courses abroad

A rebirth of English cuisine?
In the last 15 years, a whirlwind of creativity has taken hold of English cuisine. Traditional recipes are being spiced up with international influences and British chefs - including the famous Jamie Oliver - have started to revolutionize British gastronomy. With spicy blends, innovative compositions and original recipes galore, England introduces you to the newest taste trends! You will be pleasantly surprised.
ESL - English PLUS Cooking in England
English + cooking in England: find a taste for the language!
Since 2011, we have offered a course for foodies with a focus on discovering the best international gourmet specialties: the English PLUS cooking programme.

Thanks to the combination of language learning and culinary training through hands-on workshops, this programme allows you an effortless way to consolidate your language skills and develop refined taste.

The English classes are held each morning and include 20 lessons a week. Thanks to a fun and interactive educational approach, students make rapid progress in verbal and written expression, and oral and written comprehension. The goal is to enrich your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation. The last morning lesson is especially dedicated to oral comprehension and oral expression, in order to acquire language know-how that is needed to communicate with the other participants in the afternoon kitchen workshops.

The Kitchen Workshop
Three times a week, in the afternoon or in the evening, participants don their aprons and take part in the funky culinary workshops. Whether beginner or expert - this practical application brings you new inspiration to test recipes and refine your skills as a chef.
ESL - English PLUS Cooking in England
All classes are based on the same principle: analysis of the recipe, preparation of meals and finally a group tasting!

You have the choice between various topics such as:
- Chopping, cutting, slicing - it is about accuracy and speed in execution!
- Thai curry - make a mighty green curry!
- Bouillabaisse - the soup and croutons, as in Marseille!
- Master Pasta - fresh pasta with authenticity and creativity!
- Chilli, American Style - these recipes went around the world!
- The Perfect Steak - from the butcher to the plate, perfection at all stages!

Aprons and utensils are provided. Students also receive a glass of wine with the meal (a soft drink for people under 18).
ESL - English PLUS Cooking in England
Kitchen venue
Located in London’s charming Notting Hill, the courses, led by experienced cooks, run in the kitchens of a boutique restaurant owned by a renowned chef.
ESL - English PLUS Cooking in England
Alesandra (pictured right) has participated in English PLUS Cooking and talks about her experience:

"I'm a chef in Brazil and wanted to attend the cooking classes during my language study at the school British Study Centres. I wanted to learn new recipes and discover a new way of cooking to be able to apply what they have taught later in Brazil. I loved the classes, because I could prepare tasty dishes that I've never cooked. I participated in the courses The Perfect Steak, Thai Green Curry, Filled Pasta, Pasta Masterclass and South Indian Curry. "

Do you have an appetite for an English course with added spice? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the English + cooking programme!