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It's never too late to improve your language skills or learn a new one! Study in your dream destination surrounded by other students from your generation.

Language courses abroad for the over 50s

Learn a language abroad, with people from your own generation! Jump into a new language and culture; you will improve your skills quickly while experiencing an exciting cultural exchange in one of our exceptional destinations. Top features: enriching holidays and new language skills!

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A language experience immersed in the local culture
Our language courses are designed especially for people over age 50. You can choose to have this experience in a quiet seaside location or in a buzzing city – it depends on your preferences and lifestyle. You will be encouraged to practise your communication skills and to participate in the different activities; this will help you immerse yourself in the local cuisine and history. You will enjoy an incomparable cultural exchange, based on a deeper knowledge of the language!
The lessons are entertaining and are always specific to the destination and its individual characteristics. You will approach grammar and vocabulary in a relaxed environment and improve your language skills while enjoying a pleasant holiday, surrounded by a new language and culture. 
​Why choose ESL?
We have been organising language holidays abroad for over 20 years and we put our vast experience at your service to guarantee you a smooth trip and holiday. You will be in good hands before, during and after your trip – our clients’ feedback and testimonials can confirm that.
Choose the destination of your language trip! Visit our office in London; our advisors will be happy to meet with you face-to-face and help you turn your projects into reality. Meet them during a personalised, free interview with no obligation, and find the best programme for you! We are also available by phone and email with one main goal: to help you make the right choice.