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Language studies for professionals: Sabbaticals

Learning a language on a sabbatical
Have you been dreaming of taking some time off work and seeing the world? By combining your sabbatical with language study, you can come home with tangible skills after a stay abroad.

Your employer will benefit from having stronger language skills in the workplace, while your career and professional confidence will grow.
Take an active break
Learning a language takes time, and time can be hard to find when you are settled into a career. Studying in immersion is the fastest way to learn.

When you approach your employer with your sabbatical plans, you are much more likely to receive approval if you can show a clear plan with outcomes that benefit everyone. Taking the opportunity to study a language brings benefits beyond the obvious language skills – as well as the cultural experience of living immersed in another society, you will come home with a range of valuable soft skills. You can demonstrate this clearly when pitching your plans. 
A programme tailor made for your needs
Our courses are especially suited to your sabbatical because every element can be personalised. If you want to study more than one language during your trip, we can organise that for you. The same is true if you would like to study the same language in various locations. Courses that combine your study with sports, your favourite hobbies or community projects are also available.

At the end of your studies, you will receive a certificate with details of your progress. You also have the chance to complete an official language exam
Excellent return on investment
After a well-structured sabbatical, you can come home with a fresh outlook, new skills and increased motivation that will make you stand out in the workplace. We believe that this is an excellent return on your investment.

Whether you want to make language study the main focus of your trip, or simply one part of a larger project, this is your chance to make it happen.