Long term language courses in total immersion: Volunteer work abroad

Language Course & Volunteer work abroad 
If you’re looking for something beyond a run-of-the-mill holiday, why not try incorporating some volunteer work abroad into your language stay? Bridge the gap between tourists and locals by getting involved in a local volunteer project where you can really put your language skills to practical use. With programmes in Latin America, India, South Africa, Russia and more, you can find a project you’re passionate about and become an integral part of the community. Learn a language with a distinct, cross-cultural experience.

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First stage: language course 
The first step of your journey will be your intensive language course. This is essential to developing your communication skills so that you can carry out your volunteer project to the best of your ability within your new community. During this stage, you will become acclimated to your new environment and learn how to communicate effectively in order to better facilitate the relationships with locals in the community of your language stay.
Second stage: volunteer work
The main components of any volunteer programme include sharing, learning and communicating in daily life. The rewards are manifold from the professional, to cultural and personal levels. You’ll not only interact with the locals, but also with the other, like-minded volunteers from around the world.
A range of projects
Your volunteer project could be in the area of social work, education, health, ecotourism or sustainable development, to name a few. It goes without saying that this experience will provide you with in-depth knowledge of the culture in which you’re working, for which you’ll need to have a certain level of language skills. By putting these new skills to use “on the job”, you’ll get to know the culture and its people through this highly unique, unforgettable experience.
A unique experience
If you would like to learn a language in an authentic environment immersed in local culture, then the Language Course & Volunteer Work programme is your ideal option. Based on practical application of knowledge, it requires dedication but is highly rewarding because of the long-lasting relationships you’ll build and the in-depth knowledge of the country that you’ll take away. 
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