Long term language courses in total immersion: Job placement France

Job placement in France
The programme
Would you like to improve your French skills and work in a company in Paris? This programme is exactly what you need! A 2-week language course will provide you with the necessary knowledge to become familiar with the world of work and learn about the hospitality and restaurant industry. This programme, suitable for all language levels, will introduce you to the working world in France and will be a great asset for your CV!

Step 1
After receiving your application, our partner school will contact you for a Skype interview in order to evaluate your French level and your needs.

Step 2
Once your application is accepted, you’ll enrol in a French course (min. 2 weeks), which is required before starting your job. This includes general French plus multiple, more specific units that will help you to become familiar with professional vocabulary.

Step 3
Through plenty of advice and practice interviews, the school staff will help you write your CV and prepare you for success in your job interviews.

Step 4
For 3 to 12 months, you’ll be completely immersed in your new professional experience. You’ll have the chance to put into practice what you’ve learned during the course, but also to fine-tune your language and personal skills, as you’ll be monitored by professionals and in direct contact with the locals. Depending on your position and employer, you can either work full-time or part-time (between 30 and 40 hours per week).
Hospitality, tourism, retail store, sale and restaurant industries
Programme requirements
- Minimum age: 18
- EU citizen or from a country with bilateral agreements or holding a Working Holiday Visa
- Minimum 2-week French course
- Minimum French level: B1
- Application folder with CV and cover letter (in French), French test results and a copy of your passport
- International medical insurance
- Availability for 3 months minimum
- Financial ability to cover costs for the first 2 months