• Life in a new language Gap Year

    Life in a new language

    Extend your immersion in another culture: our Gap Year programmes offer you the most efficient route to fluency, with discounts for longer stays. Whether you are looking for internships, work and study, access courses for higher education, official language certificates, volunteering programmes, or simply a longer course, a gap year course is your chance.

    Gap Year benefits

    • Language skills and international experience give your CV an international dimension, and a gap year is the ideal moment for this kind of project. After immediately improving your prospects with employers and universities, for example with a language certificate, you will enjoy lifelong soft skills and cultural awareness that can only come with a longer stay abroad.

    • Choose ESL for your gap year and you will enjoy a programme that has been designed according to your personal needs, aims and desires. You can, for example, extend your stay and use language skills in a working environment. Do something productive, learn to see life from a new perspective and have a great time living abroad.

    ESL quality

    We help thousands of people each year to find the perfect study destination(s) and course for a gap year abroad. Why do so many people choose ESL?
    • Best Price Guarantee
    • Great deals on long-term language stays
    • Free flights, iPads, etc.
    • Fantastic destinations and reputable schools
    • Free enrolment & administration
    • Free “second chance” guarantee and exam cancellation insurance
    • Award-winning personalised service
    No two individuals are the same and our goal is to find you the right programme for your personal priorities. Get in touch with our team to arrange a free, no-obligation appointment. 

    Lowest prices guaranteed

    ESL guarantees you the most attractive prices on the market in the UK! If you find any price difference, you will be entirely refunded.

    Information days

    ESL – Language Travel will be out and about in London. Come and meet us at one of our information days in your area.


    1. Star Agency Europe

      ESL – Language Travel won Star Agency Western Europe for the fifth time at the 2016 ST Star Awards. 


      If you find our programmes cheaper with another language travel agency, you will be refunded 100% of the price difference.


      We offer you free and personal advice before, during and after your language course abroad.


      In 2016, 97% of our students would recommend ESL – Language studies abroad to their friends and relatives. 


      ESL – Language studies abroad is accredited by quality control bodies in the tourism and education industries.  


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    Andrea Quattrone

    I decided to go on a language trip to Newcastle upon Tyne with ESL and now I can say that it was one of the best choices I have ever made. I learned about ESL online; at first, I was very impressed by their website’s precision, and then, by the staff’s availability and professionalism. They were all extremely helpful and precise in clarifying all my doubts!

    In the beginning, I went on this trip just to improve my English knowledge and skills, but it soon became one of the best ways to strengthen incredible relationships. I am still very close to some of the people I met during my stay and I really would like to develop these friendships in the future and take them as good excuses to travel more.

    Anyone can say that England is a truly unique country, but going there is the only way to deeply understand this statement. The habits, the breakfast, the buildings… there are so many things to discover. And British people are so enthusiastic that they make you feel warm even in a place that isn’t!

    The weekend excursions were my favourite thing! Edinburgh, the Lake District, Alnwick Castle (Harry Potter’s one!)… The moments I spent in these places were truly unforgettable!

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    Inés Miranda Santillana

    My experience at EC Malta was fantastic. I chose a mini-group Business English course, as I only had one week and I wanted to focus and improve as much as possible. This was definitely the right choice and I will do it again. Teachers were amazing, very caring and dynamic; they would advise and correct us all the time. Also, during breaks, they would bring coffee and pastries! The school staff was lovely and always helpful. There were plenty of afternoon and evening activities! Don’t miss the welcome dinner, as it’s a great opportunity to meet the other students, nor the excursion to Mdina, the “Silent City”. Although Malta is small, there are many things to do and places to visit. I highly recommend it!

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    María Bautista Villaverde

    Learning French at the Institut Européen de Français was a great experience. I refreshed my French and got ready for my third Erasmus term. Classes are interactive and practical. Life in Montpellier is quiet, but – as it’s a student town – there is always something to do.

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