Learn Spanish in Ecuador

Most visitors to Latin America don’t make it to Ecuador. Their loss if your gain, as you can still explore virgin jungle, live volcanoes and an astounding array of flora and fauna well away from the crowds. The untouched equatorial beaches aren’t bad either!

In a country roughly the same size as Great Britain, you have a wealth of options. You can explore the mountains of the Andean Cordillera or trek in search of the jungle’s hidden lagoons. You can laze on the beach or live the high life in Quito at 3000m above sea level. You can enjoy any number of sports and activities on the Pacific coast or in the mountains, or you can simply enjoy experiencing an authentic South American culture, where the conquistadors left their mark, without completely erasing what went before.

Many people choose a Spanish course in Ecuador as the precursor to a visit to the neighbouring Galápagos Islands, where Charles Darwin collected evidence for “On the Origin of Species”. A magical place to learn Spanish.

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