Learn Portuguese in Brazil

Study Portuguese with a vibrant backdrop of carnival, rainforest, sun-soaked shores, and natural wonders on a Portuguese course in Brazil! If you’ve always wanted to falar português, a course in the country with over 200 million native speakers is surely the place to be! ESL’s variety of courses will help you to learn Portuguese in Brazil in full immersion, taking in the sights and sounds of this diverse nation on an incredible language journey you’ll never forget.

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Why learn Portuguese in Brazil?


If you’re looking to learn Portuguese fast, full immersion in a country where the language is spoken every day is key. Not only will your speaking, listening, and reading skills progress as you see and hear Portuguese everywhere, but your soft skills will also develop as you navigate a brand new country and culture. You’ll be able to practise with students travelling from across the world as you take your Portuguese course in Brazil together, and you’ll experience the Brazilian way of life for yourself, studying and living in Latin America.


Where can I take a Portuguese course in Brazil?


ESL has the ideal course to suit everyone in Brazil. We tailor our courses to your needs, helping you organise the length of your stay, the classes you’ll attend, and even the accommodation you’ll stay in when you get there. Just let us know your goals, and what you’d like to see while you’re learning Portuguese in Brazil, and our language travel consultants will support you every step of the way.


What kind of Portuguese do they speak in Brazil?


Brazilian Portuguese is often seen by many as a slightly ‘easier’ version of the language, as it is generally spoken more slowly and the vowel sounds are more open. With 200 million speakers, Brazilian Portuguese certainly has the edge in numbers! However, when it comes to a language - it’s all relative! It’s up to you which kind of Portuguese you decide to study, but when Brazilians and Portuguese speak together, they understand one another easily, so you needn’t worry. A Portuguese course in Brazil will give you the chance to open up to 250 million Portuguese speakers worldwide!

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