Learn Arabic in Egypt

Egypt is one of the world’s most historically fascinating countries and an essential stop off for students of life. But a country overflowing with breathtaking historical monuments doesn’t define itself by its unique past; this is a country that is looking resolutely towards the future with the renewed optimism of youth.

The instantly recognisable face of the Sphinx or the outline of the Pyramids at dawn will be familiar to everyone, but don’t miss the Nubian delights of Aswan or the more recent Islamic architecture that typifies much of Cairo: a city not for the fainthearted, but truly rewarding for the brave. In the Middle East, hustling and bustling are an art form. Nowhere is this truer than Cairo. But you can approach the city as you want; take the time to chill out with a shisha and enjoy a strong, Arabic-style coffee and you will feel much more relaxed.

A slow journey along the Nile is an iconic trip that people have been making for millennia... an experience that has maintained its glamour and authenticity in an age of mass tourism. If it all gets too hot for you, the Red Sea is paradise for divers and has the most consistently glorious weather you can find anywhere. Perhaps it’s best enjoyed from a shady spot on one of the sublime sandy beaches that line the coast.

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