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The best prices

Budget tips

The best prices - Budget tips

Low-cost language courses
Learning a language shouldn’t cost too much! Follow our advice:
Despite the existing economic problems, do not give up on your language trip! Learning a language is a personal investment that will boost your career. Immerse yourself in the linguistic and cultural environment of your destination and you will realise how efficient and fun the whole learning process can be! The skills you will acquire are a great asset for your future.
Our students make the most out of our learning programmes, which are carefully adapted to their personalities and needs. However, there may be significant price differences from one programme to another. Find out how to save money by choosing a cheaper programme.

1. Special offers
2. Travel as a pair or in a group 
3. Choose a destination with an affordable cost of living 
4. Choose the best dates
5. Early booking and “Early Bird” discounts
6. Gap Experience programmes, internships and volunteer work 
7. Earn pocket money with a student job 
8. Combine 2 (or more) destinations and schools of the same group 
9. Choose the cheapest accommodation option 
10. Perfect trip organization 
11. Financial support
12. Contests
13. Contact us! 
1. Special offers
On this page, you will find all our special offers, which we publish regularly. Take advantage of these opportunities! In addition to the offer of the month, you will find discounts on language courses and accommodations, as well as free excursions and flights… and many other ways to save money! 
2. Travel as a pair or in a group
With this option, all participants get a special discount. You don’t have to choose the same accommodation, destination or school as your friends; the only condition is that all participants book at the same time and ask for the discount when they enrol for their language stay. 
3. Choose a destination with an attractive cost of living
Among the hundreds of destinations offered by ESL, some have a cheaper cost of living. For example, an accommodation in Málaga is more affordable than in Madrid, and eating in Berlin is definitely cheaper than in Munich. ESL – Language Travel offers a wide choice of destinations, so that you can find the one that suits your budget best.
Would you like more information about the most affordable destinations all over the world? Contact us!
4. Choose the best dates
If possible, you should avoid the high season. 

For example :
2 weeks of courses + accommodation in Berlin in May or September EUR 745
2 weeks of courses + accommodation in Berlin in July EUR 975

Train tickets and flights are also cheaper during the low season. 
5. Plan next year’s trip…
…and benefit from our Early Bird offer: if you enrol before 1st  November, you pay the price of the current year for a trip that will take place the following year!
Early flight and train bookings also entitle you to remarkable discounts.
6. Gap Experience’s long term programmes, internships and volunteer work
Your language trip’s price decreases proportionally to the duration of the stay. Our partner schools apply a digressive system that allows you to pay a reduced price for longer stays. After your language course, you will also be able to extend your stay with an internship or a volunteer work experience, within the "internships" or "Volunteer Work Abroad" programmes. This way, you can keep learning the language at no extra costs, after the end of your course.
Work in a company or join a volunteer project within the local community! It will be humanly rewarding and the experience will look great on your CV.
7. Earn some pocket money with a small job on site
Some schools offer a “Job Club”, a service that puts you in touch with the local job market. This platform is very efficient as it provides the students with professionals’ advice, the support of the school and the experience of old students. With the help of this service, you may get a temporary job that is compatible with your availability and with your language level. For this option, a standard course is the most suitable thing.
Also, a paid job will allow you to extend your stay after the end of your language course.
8. Visit more destinations / schools of the same group
If you combine 2 or 3 destinations or schools of the same group during your language stay, you will benefit from the price of the total duration of your stay. This way, for an 8-week stay in 2 different destinations you will pay the total price for 8 weeks (instead of 2 x 4 weeks, which would be more expensive).
Depending on the duration of your stay, ESL gives you a free flight (or train ticket) to link the 2 destinations.

Special offer “Free flight or train ticket” 
Our “Pack duo destinations” blog
9. Choose the cheapest accommodation option
For your language stay, ESL offers a wide choice of accommodation options. Contact us; we will help you find the best one for you and your budget. To do so, you need to tell us about your usual lifestyle. For example, we will suggest an accommodation that doesn’t include meals – which is the cheapest option – provided that you can find affordable food outside. If you choose to stay within a host family, you will know in advance all the real costs for accommodation and meals.
You should also choose a school that offers accommodation in twin rooms, so that you can share the room with another student of your same gender, even if you travel alone. In this case, we will find a roommate of a different mother tongue.
The following schools offer this opportunity:
List of schools with twin room accommodation
10. Plan your trip
Choose a destination served by low-cost airlines. Compare the price of a flight with that of a train, as the latter offer multiple discounts all year round. 
11. Financial support
Too often, company’s employees or managers don’t know about the possibility of funding a language stay. Some countries took economic or political arrangements to promote adults’ training. Learn more about the existing possibilities in your country and discuss them with your employer.
Check out our training programmes designed for professionals.
12. Contests
ESL – Language Travel regularly organises contests, through which you may win a free language stay. These contests are open to everyone – you just need to participate!
13. Contact us
Meet our teams in one of our agencies and tell us about your language project! We will discuss the available options with you, give you some good advice and share our experience. ESL – Language Travel cares about its clients; our advisors will help you organise the perfect language stay. Destinations and schools at fair costs – we are the experts!
Contact us!