Choice of courses, 30 + Programme
Choice of courses

30 + Programme

Choice of courses - 30 + Programme

Exclusively for people aged over 30

Are you aged 30 or more, professionally active, and want to take make the most of your holiday or go on a training leave to refresh your language skills? Try our brand new courses “especially for people in their thirties”!

If we have created this innovative concept, it’s because there is a stronger demand from people in their thirties who, even though they are no longer 20, are still up to partying, discovering new things and meeting new people! To take part in this programme, you just need to be 30 or more and to be willing to learn languages. That’s your case? Then discover without delay the programmes that we have created for you!
ESL - 30 + Programme
With a 30+ language stay you will enjoy:
  • effective language courses with people sharing your interests;
  • meeting people of the same age from different cultures and various horizons;
  • a break from your work life or your studies;
  • discovering new cultures, which goes hand in hand with the learning of the language while benefiting from active holidays;
  • rapid progress to reach more serenely your language goals;
  • boosted potential to face a globalised world;
  • a long-term investment for your personal and professional future!
ESL - 30 + Programme

Discover our training centres for 30+ courses

London Notting Hill 30+
In the lively area of Notting Hill, the London School of English offers quality business courses for young professionals. The training will be a great opportunity for you to meet other 30+ students and share with them a stimulating experience in one of the nicest neighbourhoods in London.
London Central 30+
All year long, EC London offers 30+ courses designed especially for the needs and goals of people in their thirties. Whether it be to get rid of a language issue, to improve your knowledge of the English language or to enjoy realistic real-life situations to develop the skills needed in your career path – these courses are a precious tool that will help you strengthen your language knowledge. The specificity of 30+ is also materialized through the selection of accommodation options that are an extension of the stimulating environment operating during the classes. And… after effort comes comfort! Discover London, its museums, theatres, shops, clubs and places out of the ordinary with other students from all around the world.
London Camden - Kentish Town 30+
Our partner Tti School of English offers a 30+ programme that takes place all year round in one of London’s trendiest neighbourhoods, next to Camden Town.
Cambridge 30+
In this medieval, beautiful city one hour away from London by train, you’ll improve your English skills with other 30+ students. With plenty of cultural and sport possibilities, this university town guarantees an inspiring language experience.
Canterbury 30+
In the most traditional urban setting of an English student town, one hour away from the capital, Canterbury is one of the favourite spots for 30+ courses. Live a very British experience in Kent County, within our partner school that has a very smart and stimulating environment.
Portsmouth 30+
If you wish to learn English with people your age, this school in the heart of Portsmouth is ideal, as it offers language courses for 30+, in a very British setting. You will have access to the university’s gym and will be close to the beach and to the port; and London is only 2 hours away by train!
Malta 30+
Combine sunny holidays with the 30+ programme offered by our partner school in Malta. Discover a Mediterranean island and its relaxed lifestyle while you improve your general English. Or enjoy Business courses to boost your career!
Please note that a kindergarten is available to families (in summer, with surcharge) whose parents follow a 30+ programme.
Melbourne 30+
Improve your language skills with other 30+ students, in a stimulating and relaxed environment! The cosmopolitan city of Melbourne is the perfect mix of culture and fun… Take advantage of the school’s ideal location and explore every corner of it!
New York 30+
New York, a legendary city, is a very popular destination among people in their thirties who take advantage of the many possibilities to combine their interests with the improvement of their language skills. Our partner school is located right in the heart of Manhattan and allows you to discover the metropolis and its unusual and spectacular sites at your own pace.
San Francisco 30+
This programme, specially designed for 30+ students, will allow you to study English in the heart of the famous Fisherman’s Wharf. Explore one of the most open and welcoming cities in the US and discover its incredible cultural scene with other students your age.
30+ in Valencia
Experience your 30+ course in Valencia! Seduced by an exceptional cultural heritage and a very pleasant climate, you will study Spanish with other dynamic people in their thirties looking to improve their language skills in this welcoming Spanish city.
Please note that some younger students might be integrated in this programme but that the school guarantees that at least 30% of the students in the class will be over 30 at some specific starting dates.
Summer programme in Berlin
Participants over 30 –that generation that was born when the Berlin Wall was still standing– will enjoy the creative atmosphere that has prevailed in the city for quite a while. Music, exhibits, cafés and trendy restaurants. On a pleasant summer evening, feel the spirit of David Bowie and Iggy Pop…
Generally, these programmes are exclusively for participants in their thirties. There may be younger students, but most of them will be over 30.
Enjoy this unique chance to boost your career or discover many possibilities for your personal development! The 30+ ESL programmes give you an opportunity, take it! 
ESL - 30 + Programme
Particularly popular among people in their thirties, the individual programmes at the teacher’s home complete the 30+ courses by offering customized lessons, adapted to the needs, goals and specific interests of the students.
ESL - 30 + Programme
A question? Contact us, we will be delighted to give you more information about the different programmes that will help you make progress in a language after 30.
Do you want to know more? Discover now 30 good reasons to learn a language after 30 or why 30 is the perfect age to learn a language.

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After spending 3 months of pure happiness, it’s sad that I have to leave this incredible place with the head full of good memories and magical experiences like Niagara Falls, basketball game, visits in downtown, ice skating and celebrations far from our families like Christmas organized by the school. In addition to that I enjoyed participating in the after school clubs allowing me to learn even more and have a great time. Thanks to this experience I met incredible people (Brazilians, Asians, Russians, Mexicans, etc.) from all over the world that I want and will visit. The supervisors are excellent and always listen to my requests. I definitely recommend to everybody to live the same experience as me but all good things have an end and now it’s my time.

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Sirine Tounsi

In October 2017, I decided to go to Toronto for 2 months. I had just finished my studies, and I had always dreamt about going to Canada. I wanted to improve my English, so I decided to take an 8-week intensive course at OHC – a school I highly recommend. I became friend with students from all over the world and with very nice teachers. I was surprised to see how fast I improved; I passed 2 levels in 8 weeks! In order to be in total immersion, I chose to live with a host family. If you don’t like rules, I suggest staying in a student residence – you’ll have more freedom. I loved the style of the city (I’m Parisian, so everything looked very different). Toronto has the advantage of being close to French-speaking Québec and to the US – you should visit New York, as I did! If I could do it all over again, I would! Thank you ESL for making my dream come true in a few days only.

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Sara Mateos Arévalo

My name is Sara and I decided to take a course in Lyon to improve my level of French. I had started to take French classes again in Barcelona and I thought it would be a good idea to give them a boost.

I wasn’t very clear on my destination, but I finally chose Lyon because it’s a city that has everything but it’s not as big as Paris. And, as the language travel advisor that I am, and knowing the academic quality of the Alpadia school, I thought it would be a good option.

After having been there, I can say that Lyon is an ideal destination for linguistic immersion. As a city, it has everything: shops, good public transport, restaurants, bars, tourism, parks, etc. What’s more, you’re constantly surrounded by events, culture and French cuisine, and it’s a city where a lot of French natives live. That’s why you can also learn about its customs and lifestyle in addition to the language.

The first day when I arrived to my host family’s home, it was a little difficult for me to speak even though I understood Sylvie (the woman who was hosting me) very well. In the mornings, she was already working, but I enjoyed waking up and having a leisurely breakfast. In the afternoons after the activities, I went home and she was preparing dinner. I sat in the kitchen with her while she taught me French recipes. Every night we cooked a different dish, and she even taught me how to make French crêpes! I stayed in her daughter’s room who was studying in Toulouse. To this day, we still write to each other.

With regard to the school, the first day they had me arrive half an hour early to show us new students the school, city, etc. and introduce us to each other. We had 4 and a half hours of class, but the time flew by, as the teaching method that they use is very dynamic and you have two different teachers. My morning teacher made the classes very exciting and helped us improve our weaknesses. The afternoon teacher, on the other hand, gave us a topic to debate and she made us talk a lot while she provided us with useful, daily vocabulary.

There were only 6 students in class, perfect for learning more easily. At school there was a great atmosphere with a good group of students open to meeting new people and making plans after class. I felt like a part of the group from day one. The mix of nationalities was very good with few Spanish-speaking students. In the whole school, there were only two Spanish and two Mexican students, although we weren’t in the same class. Almost all of them were Swiss (from different regions), and there were students of all ages (18-22, 25-28 and 40+).

Every afternoon, the school offered an activity for whoever wanted to participate (movie, visits around Lyon, wine tasting, etc.). At the beginning of the week, they posted a schedule of the week’s activities on the bulletin board. You just needed to sign up and show up at the meeting point at the time specified (even though almost all of us went there together directly from school). The activity I liked the most was wine tasting because we went to a really authentic wine cellar where they gave us different wines and cheeses. For me, this was a very French experience!

To sum up, I’d like to say that for me, it was a great decision to take an intensive course and stay with a host family, since I learned a ton and at the end of my stay, I noticed that I really improved my fluency when speaking French. The truth is that I had a great experience and I would have liked to be able to stay for another week.

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