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Original prices
We strive for transparency and list all prices in local currency, so Euros for Spain or France, Swiss francs for Switzerland, yen for Japan and so on. It's important to convert these prices into pounds sterling so you can get a good overall idea of the budget necessary during your stay.

ESL prices include course costs, accommodation and school administration fees. Possible additional costs such as high season supplements, exam board fees, course materials, accommodation deposits, airport transfers, etc. always appear at the bottom of the price list, under the “options, extras” section.
Course material
All ESL – Language Travel partner schools provide course material for their students. Learning materials vary according to the choice of course. The latest course books and other materials (like magazines, TV shows, films, newspaper articles, etc.) will be used. Some schools include the course material fees in the school fees (see "included in the price"), while others charge for it separately depending on the duration of the course and possible change in level or according to the specialisation of the course. In that case, an additional charge of approximately £20 to £100 will apply (as stated in our terms and conditions).
Your personalised price quote online
In just a couple of clicks, find the best price for your language course abroad. Our online price calculator makes it possible to compare the different destinations and wide range of programmes that we offer.

To the price we have quoted, the only addition would be the price of the flight or train journey for your selected dates. We can refer you to our partner travel agency should you wish to receive a quote for a flight. Of course, you can search online if you would rather book your own flight.

Finally, depending on the country and the length of your stay, a visa may be necessary and this should be taken into account when calculating the total cost.

Please contact us for more information, advice or a personalised price quote. We would be happy to send you a no-obligation quote for your trip. We’re here to help with your decision, to guide you through the strengths of each individual school and destination and deliver you a package that corresponds to your needs, wishes and priorities.

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