Professionals, Types of courses

Types of courses

Language studies for professionals: Types of courses

Our language courses for professionals are ideal if you want to learn a language quickly. Learning with an experienced trainer in a focused environment, you will make faster progress and study topics relevant to your professional life.

More than just language proficiency, your trainer will help you develop valuable communication and cultural skills for the modern world. 
General language with business
By combining a general language course with business-specific lessons, you can develop your communication skills while acquiring specialist knowledge for the working world. Whatever your current language level, you will gain confidence and experience: essential assets for any professional environment. 
30+ programme
If you prefer a more mature study environment and don’t want a specific English for business course, this might be perfect for you. Our 30+ programme is ideal if you want to improve your general English skills in a group that takes study seriously. Your language gains will be highly beneficial in the less formal aspects of your working life. 
Business language course (mini group)
Mini-group courses offer the energy of a group session with the benefits of increased teacher contact time. Our mini-group language courses for business are designed to give you all-round communication skills for your professional life, including informal situations. Typical content includes email/telephone communication, negotiation, presentations and business etiquette. 
Combined business course (one-to-one + mini group)
Combining our mini-group professional course with additional one-to-one tuition, this is among our most popular programmes. Alongside energising group work, extra time with the trainer lets you focus on the elements that are most important for your personal context, for example skills related to a specific industry or job. 
Tailor-made one-to-one courses
Based on a thorough needs analysis before you depart, these courses are sculpted to your individual needs and goals. Through tailored one-to-one coaching, your trainer can develop your skills for a specific industry, job or activity. The tuition is intensive, ensuring that you make the fastest possible progress with the language while developing your all-round communication and cultural skills. 
Young Business English course (aged 20-30)
If you are in the early stages of your career, or preparing for an MBA, the Young Business English course is designed for you. As well as core language skills, your trainer will coach you in the communication and social skills that are essential in a modern, professional environment, where a balance of formal and informal skills are more important than ever before. 
Sector-specific English for business courses
If you need to learn English for a specific field, this course is for you. We offer specialised training in a range of areas including finance, insurance, civil service, law, human resources, medicine, engineering, IT and more. Starting on set dates throughout the year, these courses deliver rounded communication skills alongside the chance to make international contacts in your field. 
Preparation courses for official certificates
An official language certificate is your way to demonstrate your language skills on a CV or résumé. Many corporations and organisations require these qualifications and a preparation course is the most effective way to pass the exam fast. Each course is designed around the specificities of the corresponding exam, so if you need a business English certificate for your career, this course is for you. 
One-to-One course in the teacher’s home
Living and studying with a qualified language teacher, you will make remarkable progress with the language you are learning. After a thorough needs analysis before your trip, the study programme will be designed according to your individual goals. Beyond teaching the language, your trainer will coach you in the social and cultural elements that are essential to success in an international context. 
Two-to-One course in the teacher’s home
An alternative to the one-to-one course in the teacher’s home, this course is perfect if two of you are travelling together and have a similar level of the language you are learning. The course is highly intensive and ideal for making rapid progress with your language and communication skills.
Sabbatical course
Taking some time out from your career is more popular than ever, and a language course is a great way to make your time away productive. Enjoy the pleasure of learning a language in immersion and come home with an improved CV. 
In-company course
We can arrange specialised training in-house for your organisation. Contact our team for more details.