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Practical information

Language studies for professionals: Practical information

How to enrol
Our online form lets you confirm your place in minutes: 
You could also contact your nearest office and we will be glad to help with your enrolment.
Within 7 days of enrolling, you will receive confirmation, including booking details for courses, accommodation and travel. You will also be invoiced for a deposit, which enables us to confirm your place. 
5 to 6 weeks prior to your departure, you will receive your invoice. This can be paid the currency of your choice but must be paid before your departure. 
Tailor-made quote
Get a no-obligation quote via email or as a printable PDF via our website
Accommodation options
We offer a range of accommodation options in each study destination, suitable for all tastes and budgets. 
Particularly on long-haul flights, we can find excellent deals. Simply ask when booking and we will provide you with no-obligation quotes for transport. You can also arrange your own transport
Course start dates
The large majority of courses start each Monday throughout the year. Some of our business language courses – such as those for a specific industry – are only available on fixed dates which can be found under the schools’ listings. One-to-one lessons and other tailor-made programmes are completely flexible.  
When to enrol
Better deals are usually available if you book earlier. Some of our popular courses and accommodation options sell out in peak season, so this is another reason to book as early as possible. 
Last-minute bookings
If you want to travel in the coming weeks, ESL – Language travel can organise your trip in just a few days. Let us know what you need. 
Essential insurance
Travel and health insurance are essential for your trip. We offer a range of insurance options for all eventualities
Arrivals & transfer service
If you need a transfer from your airport or station of arrival, we can organise this for you. Let us know when you make your booking. 
Travel documents
We will send you full documentation around 10 days before you travel, including a travel guide, accommodation info, plane tickets and flight plan, and much more information about your destination.  
National holidays
Schools are typically closed on national holidays. Unless the hours are compensated by our partner schools, they are not refunded. 
Visa process
If your destination requires a visa, ESL – Language travel will guide you through the process. 
Your language study stay next year
All prices are valid for the current year. If you are thinking about studying abroad next year, you can use these prices as a basis for planning ahead. Updated prices are typically available from July onwards.