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Nostalgia and cosmopolitan ambition live side by side in Buenos Aires. Once a prosperous European-style metropolis, then bent under a military regime and subjected to several economic crises, this city has always fallen back on its feet.
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It has never lost its dignity nor its elegance, materialised today and for always in the flow of the bodies of tango dancers, in the talent of its footballers, in the creative genius of the new generation of designers and in the innovative spirit of its musicians, restaurateur, fashion creators, poets and writers. Buenos Aires is not comparable with any other city through the incredible charm it emits. A hint of Paris with a note of South America, impressions of Rome with a touch of Sicily, a sensation of Miami with a mark of the Tropic of Capricorn. The voice of Gardel still resounds in all minds whilst the legend of Evita hovers above the La Recoleta cemetery. The mothers of the Plaza de Mayo have stopped walking in circles. Buenos Aires has been the theatre of all the major events in Argentina, from the triumph to the defeat and vice versa. The city proudly carries traces of its history, ready to share it in suffering and in joy. Today, it is a cosmopolitan centre open to all new ideas and impulses. You will eat the best pieces of steak here. You will see the most moving dances nowhere else but here. You will admire the most varied architectural microcosms here. It is here that you will read the most exciting literature of the present here, Allow yourself to be swept up by the whirlwind of feelings generated by this city. Now and forever.
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