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If you’re obsessed with anything K-related, why not take it one step further and discover South Korea for yourself? Learn Korean abroad and your eyes will be opened - not just to a new language, but to an incredible culture which has taken the world by storm, expertly combining the modern and the traditional. A junior Korean course abroad will certainly give you the edge when it comes to singing along to those K-pop hits, but more importantly, it’ll give you an insight into a brand new world: the phenomenon sweeping the globe.

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Why learn Korean abroad?


Learning a new language in a new country is an incredible way to learn quickly, and experience a brand new culture for yourself. By learning Korean abroad, you’ll be travelling to the place the language is spoken 24/7, and being surrounded by its people, history, and culture is a surefire way to help you understand the language much faster. It’s an amazing opportunity to create memories that will stay with you forever! Imagine showing your friends your snapshots from Seoul, and telling stories to your family - in Korean, of course - for years to come!


Is learning Korean difficult?


Korean has a reputation for being difficult to learn, but it actually has one of the simplest alphabets in Asia - if not the world - to read and understand. Unlike other Asian languages, you’ll be able to read and write Korean in record time, without having to memorise characters or separate writing systems. Learning Korean is even easier if you’re doing it in the place the language is spoken -  junior summer classes in South Korea will let you hear it spoken naturally, and you’ll see it everywhere as you explore the country!


What will I do on my Korean course abroad?


You’ll be well and truly welcomed by our partner schools in Korea, who design their Korean courses abroad specifically for 13-17 year-olds. They want to be sure you’ll learn quickly and have the chance to practise Korean every day, while also getting in touch with the cultural side of the language, too. You’ll have the opportunity to sample amazing Korean food, visit temples and palaces, and stay with a host family who’ll teach you everything there is to know about Korean culture! Learn Korean abroad and discover everything this amazing language has to offer!

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