Gap Experience, Unique benefits
Gap Experience

Unique benefits

Long term language courses in total immersion: Unique benefits

Free, personalised advice
A language study stay should be perfectly organised and meet your expectations, learning objectives and personal wishes to a T. That’s why the advice of ESL's experienced professionals can be a huge help. Don't hesitate to call us for telephone advice or to make an appointment to come and discuss your plan. We'll provide you with extra information, explain the differences between the schools that interest you, answer all of your questions and calculate the price of the options you're choosing between. These appointments are absolutely free and imply no obligation on your behalf.
Quality guarantee
We've been working with most of our partner schools for many years. Our regular contact with the schools, numerous on-site visits and the invaluable feedback of our students help us ensure the quality of all partner schools.
ESL partner schools welcome students from all over the world, and the mix changes throughout the year. This cultural diversity is crucial because you’ll not only have the chance to meet people from all over the world, but you’ll also be communicating with them in the language you’re learning, rather than your own. Thanks to our international presence, ESL can contribute to a school’s nationality mix by sending students from many different countries.
Our prices
Our prices are equivalent to the schools' original prices, meaning that they're exactly the same prices that you would pay if you were to enrol directly at the school. No surcharge or administrative fees are applied. In addition, you save yourself numerous administrative steps and benefit from ESL's assistance at all times, before, during and after your stay. We guarantee you the lowest price with a refund of the difference if you find a lower price elsewhere.

Our prices are published in foreign currencies and unless otherwise stated, they will be converted according to the exchange rate of the day the invoice is sent (4 to 5 weeks prior to departure). We also offer you the option to pay in foreign currencies.
Option of paying in a foreign currency
Unless you request otherwise, we will invoice you in pounds sterling according to the exchange rate on the day the invoice is issued. If you would rather pay in the local currency of the school where you will study, please let us know at the time of booking. 
Personalised price quotes in pounds sterling
In order to give you a precise idea of the cost of your language study stay and the opportunity to compare different destinations, we'll send you free, personalised and detailed price quotes in pounds sterling. You can think things over at home, at your leisure, while having all the necessary information at hand to make your decision.
Booking of your accommodation (various options)
ESL offers a range of accommodation options, including the best host families, selected with care and inspected regularly; student residences or shared apartments. Depending on your destination, you will have a choice ranging from the comfort of a hotel to the freedom of a studio. We have something for all preferences and budgets.
Organising your trip
We work closely with a trusted travel provider that can offer tickets anywhere in the world at competitive prices. Please don’t hesitate to ask us for more details. If you mention it on your enrolment form, we will put you in contact with our partner travel agent.
Documents for obtaining a visa
Do I need a visa? What steps do I need to follow? Where do I have to apply for my visa? We'll guide you throughout these administrative steps and provide you with all the necessary documents for obtaining your visa.
Free evaluation of your language level
The majority of language schools divide students into groups based on current ability with the target language. This is vital in order to feel at ease and progress consistently. It's also what will make the course effective and interesting. Consequently, all of the schools offer an evaluation test during the first day or before arrival. ESL also offers this service during your consultancy interview, if you so wish. This is very useful if you want to take a certificate preparation or business course for which it is necessary to have a specific minimum level.
Free flights & special offers
Thanks to the professional relationships we maintain within the travel industry, we regularly offer free flights to some locations. At any time of the year, book a 12, 24 or 36-week language course in a number of destinations in Europe and the USA, and get free return flights offered by ESL. New special offers are added to our website throughout the year so visit regularly and contact us to find out more.
Free cancellation insurance pending exam results
For practical reasons (flight, visa, accommodation), it's ideal to enrol in a language study stay as far in advance as possible. Many students find themselves held up in carrying out the steps on time when awaiting exam results. Conscious of this situation, we offer cancellation insurance free of charge which allows you to put your plans in place without worrying about the consequences in case of an exam failure. In other words, you can enrol without risk in a language study stay and if you're no longer in a position to travel abroad because of your exam results, you'll get your money back, or we'll postpone the course.
ESL promotions and special offers
Throughout the year, ESL offers special discounts on your language stay. Take advantage of our exclusive promotions by booking your programme in advance or with a friend or family member (the destination/school doesn’t have to be the same). Check our website regularly or contact us to stay informed about our partner schools’ special offers, and travel at the best prices available on the market.
For groups of 10 students or more, we offer language courses at very competitive rates. Group courses are ideal for A-level or GSCE classes who would benefit from a language immersion course to experience the language in its context. These courses are available to all groups, for example work colleagues or members of an evening course, as long as participants are at a similar level. Please contact us for more information.