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Arriving on his own with his instrument to Checkpoint Charlie, an old man sets up and starts Bach’s cello suite No.2. The Berlin Wall has just come down. It is « Slava », the great Rostropovitch. Since this day, Berlin seems to want to go faster than time itself in order to set itself up as an open-air masterpiece…the great D minor chords of the saraband still resound here…
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Since this memorable November day, Berlin has not ceased to rewrite its history, to make up a destiny for itself. It has settled in, without pretence nor false modesty, in the court of the large European capitals. A nice example of willpower which reveals at the same time a potential that seems endless. The formerly divided city succeeded in the exploit of replacing Bonn as the capital of the reunified Germany. The German Bundestag was set up under the glass dome designed by Sir Norman Foster, the historical centre was renovated with a mastery which compels admiration and Potsdamer Platz, Pariser Platz and Leipziger Platz quite naturally regained their former function. The young German capital cuts a fine figure ! Living there nowadays is quite simply exciting. It is first a city that breathes, with parks and gardens which occupy a third of its surface area. Whether for reading, sport, walking or sunbathing…each district has its green area, so there’s no need to cross the city in order to lounge on a stretch of lawn. A city with a remarkable economic dynamism which handles transformations with verve, allowing itself the ambition to become a pioneering centre of technologies and services. From the Adlershof site to the innovative educational and social programmes, as well as the surprising proactivity of its SMEs, Berlin has really nothing to blush about. A cosmopolitan and eminently cultural city which seems to be able to bring everything together, from museums for all the senses and an incredible human mosaic. A city which did not at all expect that the indistinct plots of land would transform themselves into – with Brunnenstrasse in the lead – the European spearhead of the artistic avant garde. Gigantic parades, trendy clubs, small concerts or « Elekromusik » furiously mixed…Berlin has a pronouned taste for partying. Get ready! You will return from your language training stay in Berlin with a good command of German and will have been definitely seduced by the extraordinary vitality of the German capital!
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