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Looking for a new experience as you study English abroad? St Julian’s in Malta offers the very best of Mediterranean life with an English twist! If you learn English in St Julian’s, you’ll open your eyes up to Maltese culture and a new way of life – all under the sun, of course – while also progressing quickly in full English immersion abroad! Malta is one of ESL’s most popular destinations for students: try an English course in St Julian’s and you’ll soon see why!

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    Located in the heart of St Julian’s, just steps from the main bus terminal, the language school includes...

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    From 243 GBP
    270 EUR for 1 week
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    Come to sunny Malta to study English amidst other students who share your age and interests! When you...

    There is currently 1 special offer

    From 243 GBP
    270 EUR for 1 week

Advantages of learning English in St Julian’s


An English course in St Julian’s is the ideal way to get out and explore Malta: you’ll experience life in a beautiful seaside town, and practise your English with the locals at every opportunity. The relaxed island lifestyle is the ideal environment for learning, and you’ll feel welcomed straight away. Surrounded by clear skies, blue seas, and centuries of history – with not a raindrop in sight – what more could you want from your English course abroad?


Is the English spoken in St Julian’s different?


The Maltese are bilingual, speaking both English and Maltese fluently. They’re native speakers of English, but just like with any version of the language, there are slight differences between the British English you might have been taught at school, and Maltese English. However, in Malta, these differences are actually very small, thanks to the country’s shared history with Great Britain. Many of our European students choose to learn English in St Julian’s thanks to the more familiar ‘European’ English accent the locals have.


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We have over 20 years of experience in the language travel sector, and our extensive background knowledge means we can provide you with the support and help that you need to create your ideal course. No matter what your learning goals are, we can find the perfect course to help you achieve them, and our best price guarantee means you’ll never pay more with us than you would with any other agency. We also offer a completely personalised service, with your very own language travel consultant to guide you before, during, and after your course – for free! Discover a world of languages with ESL!

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