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Boost your career by adding to or improving your CV through a business-specific language course abroad – over 20 languages and 250 destinations!

Language courses for business

Speaking a foreign language – or several – will advance your professional career in more ways than one. Aside from providing you with an added value that will make your CV stand out to employers, you will maximise your job-seeking possibilities by being able to work in different countries and through different languages.
No two language learners are the same, and at ESL we know this is particularly true when it comes to professionals. This is why we offer a range of very specific Business Language Courses that will cater to your needs – whether you’re looking to improve your skills for job interview purposes, or you want to focus on developing your language knowledge in a particular industry, our Business Language Courses guarantee swift progress. Another enormous asset you will gain through a Business Language Course abroad is the invaluable international network you will create by studying alongside other like-minded peers – professionals with your same goals who won’t only become potentially interesting work contacts, but also life-long friends!

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Why take a Business Language Course abroad
Finding time to focus on skills that may not seem directly related to your work area is often tricky – until you realise what a fruitful investment it is. By developing business-specific language skills you will…
  • Add an enormously important skill to your CV and thus set yourself apart from other professionals and job seekers
  • Widen your possibilities in the job market – you’ll no longer be limited to your home country, but will be able to take advantage of jobs going internationally
  • Gain cultural knowledge through an immersive experience abroad and therefore add to your soft skills and make yourself an invaluable asset for any organisation
  • Learn to interact and work alongside international peers – a real must in the globalized world we live in
Not sure where you’d like to go for your Business Course abroad? Have a look at our destinations and language courses for professionals at the very best schools worldwide.
What ESL will do for you
As language experts and professionals ourselves, our expertise doesn’t only come from our ample experience in helping individuals advance their careers by studying abroad. We’ve also been right where you are right now – our knowledge on the matter also comes from our own personal experiences and this allows us to offer you a tailor-made language stay based on your individual goals.
  • Our portfolio only includes the very best schools in terms of academic excellence and will allow you to make rapid progress in your learning
  • Let us know what your aims are, and our expert advisors will guide you through every single possibility – forget about browsing through endless options and comparing dozens of websites
  • We will help organise every aspect of your language stay, from the right school and course to your accommodation, flights and even your visa
  • We will be by your side every step of the way: before, during and after your adventure abroad
  • In addition to the services described above being free, we will also offer you the best rates for your course thanks to our Best Price Guarantee. We’ll also refund you with the difference if you manage to find better prices!
Sound like what you need? Reach out to us for your free personalised advice or get a free quote for your Business Language Course abroad.